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ENERGY POOL is leading a French project on renewable energy sources.

EnR Pool’s key objective: Improve the integration of renewable energy through demand response

The demonstrator project will focus on:

  • Measuring the technical and economical capacity of consumers to control renewable energy.
  • Identifying and developing economical incentives and market mechanisms to encourage consumers and producers to act accordingly.

Partners and energies incorporated into the project

Energy Pool Project manager – In charge of the end-users and of the economic model
  • DR Expertise
  • Creation of monetisation schemes
  • Steering of the pilot

Schneider Electric In charge of the identification of pilot sites
  • Testing of new communications architectures (generation sites/ consumption sites)
  • Wind generation forecasting

cea_logo  In charge of RES generation characteristics assessment
  • Study of grid problems related to RES
  • Study of RES variablity and of reliability of RES generation forecasts
  • Prevision of PV Solar generation


Demonstrator in real conditions during 2014